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Exposed Aggregate, also known as Decorative Concrete is when the stone that is used in the concrete mix is exposed by washing off the top layer after drying. Depending on the look and feel you are after you can choose between a heavy or light exposure. A heavier exposure will give a good a non-slip surface, a lighter exposure will give a smoother finish, ideal for walking on barefoot. Perfect for driveways, pathways, outdoor entertaining areas and pool surrounds. Drawing on our years of experience and expertise Newport Premix delivers aggregate concrete products to properties across Melbourne.


*Please note that these mixes are produced from naturally mined stone therefore colours may vary slightly to those pictured.

Concrete exposed aggregate

At Newport Premix our skilled and reliable team of concrete specialists offer our own exclusive range of mixes or can customise a design incorporating any colour or stone of your choice. Thanks to our personalised concrete solutions you can give your concrete a stylish look and increase the value of your property at an affordable price. One of our most popular and stylish forms of concrete exposed aggregate can immediately enhance the of your properties exterior.

Exposed aggregate concrete cost melbourne

Committed to providing a reliable and comprehensive series of concrete solutions the dedicated team at Newport Premix aim to make our superior concreting and gardening products available to homes and businesses across Melbourne’s metropolitan area. To increase our customer’s level of satisfaction Newport Premix offers our exposed aggregate concrete at an affordable cost for the convenience of our Melbourne-based customers.

Exposed aggregate concrete driveway

Thanks to our years of unmatched and focused experience and high quality we place on the quality of our products the collaborative and passionate team at Newport premix are able to deliver eye-catching and functional concreting services. Our durable and weatherproof exposed aggregate concrete driveways are well-suited to vehicles of varying weights and sizes. To discuss the benefits of our exceptional aggregate concrete products feel free to contact our team today.


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