Concrete Locking Blocks

Interlocking Concrete Blocks in Melbourne

Newport Premix Concrete & Garden Supplies can provide you with Versaloc concrete blocks that can be used to construct both temporary and permanent structures. Versaloc is an interlocking system which allows the blocks to be easily stacked on top of each other without the need to use mortar, ensuring quick and easy wall construction as well as being easy to unstack and move to be reused later on. Versaloc can be used for vertical interlocking concrete retaining wall blocks, retaining walls and garden walls, straight walls, planter boxes, fences and sheds.

The biggest advantage of using Versaloc interlocking concrete blocks is the remarkable boost in productivity for builders and installers. Not only does this allow for the project to be completed faster, but it also means you can start new projects sooner.

Why Choose Newport Premix for Interlocking Concrete Blocks?

As a leading supplier of interlocking concrete blocks in Melbourne, Newport Premix can supply customers across Melbourne with premium quality products that are perfect for fulfilling their specific wall construction requirements. The high level of strength, long lifespan, aesthetic appeal and load carrying capabilities of these concrete blocks are outstanding, plus they also adhere to the requirements stipulated by Australian Standard AS4455:1997.

The concrete product experts at Newport Premix have many years of experience supplying products for residential, commercial and industrial construction projects. We understand that each client will have their own particular requirements when it comes to the interlocking concrete blocks they need to complete their project. Get in touch with our team today for tailored advice and help choosing the right products.

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