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As leading wheel and barrow Melbourne suppliers, Newport Premix Concrete & Garden Supplies stocks a huge selection of both plastic and steel wheelbarrow products from reputable brands. We provide wheelbarrows that are reasonably priced, of the highest quality, and made to last for the long term.

At Newport Premix, we understand that every one of our customers has their own unique needs when it comes to their gardening or landscaping work, and as such, we have wheelbarrows that can cater to various needs. We offer wheelbarrows in different sizes and widths that are made to provide speed, as well as wheelbarrows that are durable enough to hold very heavy materials. Feel free to get in touch with our friendly wheelbarrow experts for information on which wheelbarrow is right for your requirements.

Plastic Wheel and Barrow Products

Both homeowners and landscapers alike can benefit from using a plastic wheel and barrow to complete their gardening and landscaping tasks. These wheelbarrows are very light, can be moved with minimal effort and are easy to store. They’re made out of a highly durable type of plastic that’s capable of holding and moving up to approximately 150kg of heavy materials.

Steel Wheel and Barrow Products

Steel tray wheelbarrows are highly recommended for professionals that need to use a wheelbarrow for tough construction and road work tasks. Newport Premix stocks various steel wheelbarrow products that are designed to handle and move heavy materials, including concrete, rocks, sand and more. Each steel wheelbarrow we offer comes with a reinforced tray that’s strong enough to withstand wear and tear.

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