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As Melbourne’s leading garden topsoil suppliers, Newport Premix Concrete & Garden Supplies proudly offers a variety of different soils to suit any application. Whether you’re looking for quality garden soil or you need topsoil for a new lawn, our team of expert soil suppliers can suggest the best option for you. Contact us today to learn more about our available lawn topsoil products.

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Come down and visit our huge outdoor display to discover all the garden topsoil in Melbourne you could ever need, including:

Blended Topsoil

This is a soil organic premium blend (30% compost mix aged sawdust and sandy loume) used for garden beds and lawn. Blended topsoil is highly recommended for professional landscapers and contractors who require large amounts of soil for their projects.

Revive Compost

Revive compost is a blend of recycled green organic materials and waste streams containing nutrients and microorganisms that are great at improving soil structure and water holding capacity, as well as increasing soil organic matter. These factors help to create soil that’s well balanced and structured, making it ideal for growing produce in gardens and farms.

Mushroom Compost

Come to Newport Premix to get the very best mushroom compost in Melbourne. Our mushroom compost contains a mixture of aged manures, straw, wood shavings and other organic materials. When mixed with garden soil, mushroom compost can enhance soil moisture retention, organic matter levels, nutrient levels and the soil’s physical properties while also minimising soil compaction.

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No matter what your requirements are, our team of topsoil suppliers can accommodate your needs and provide convenient soil delivery across Melbourne. For more information on our available lawn topsoil options, call us today on (03) 9397 2233.

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