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Waterproofing Agent & Concrete Bonding Agent Products

Ensure your concrete mix is as strong and durable as it can be with the excellent waterproofing and concrete bonding agents available from Newport Premix Concrete & Garden Supplies. We pride ourselves on stocking a wide range of waterproofing agent and concrete bonding agent products to suit any requirement, making us a one-stop shop for all your concrete supply needs. We also offer same day delivery, meaning you can get the waterproofing agent or concrete bonding agent products you ordered delivered to your worksite straight away, no matter what part of Melbourne you’re located in. Discover how we can help you today.

Waterproofing Agent

Our waterproofing agent for concrete related work is designed to be placed underneath tiled finishes so it can accommodate anticipated structural movements. This type of product comes with a high level of film strength and excellent elasticity and elongation that will expand and contract when substrate movements occur. Waterproofing agent is also quick to apply and can be placed on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Concrete Bonding Agent

Concrete bonding agents come with natural or artificial materials that are designed to join with both old and new concrete surfaces, as well as successive concrete layers. This is done to make these concrete surfaces into a single unit. Concrete bonding agent products are applied over existing concrete surfaces of a structure to ensure that the new layer of fresh concrete will adhere to the old layer.

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