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Whatever your bagged cement needs entail, you can rely on the team at Newport Premix Concrete & Garden Supplies to supply exactly what you need. As leading bagged cement suppliers, we stock an impressive range of bagged cement products for you to choose from, including builders GP cement as well as standard cement concrete mix. Discover our range of cement bags today.

Bagged Concrete Brands We Stock

Adelaide Brighton Brightonlite Cement

Brightonlite Cement is an off-white cement that creates light coloured concrete, grouts, renders and mortars when used in conjunction with light coloured aggregates and sands.

Eureka GP Cement

Eureka GP Cement can be used for various types of building, construction and cementing applications, including paving, foundation work, fence post footings, brick work mortar work, brick work re-pointing and common concrete repair needs.

Adelaide Brighton Hydrated Lime

Adelaide Brighton hydrated lime is blended with cement, sand and plaster to improve the bond strength and durability of renders and mortars.

Aftek Penaflow Grout

Aftek Penaflow Grout is a Class A cementitious construction grout that can be used to control the expansion of grout when it’s in a plastic state. It’s highly recommended for general purpose grout applications and can be dry packed, poured or trowelled.

Australian Builders Cement

Australian Builders cement products are made to deliver great results and durable finishes for all kinds of concreting projects. Australian Builders manufactures concrete mix, off-white cement, quick set cement and mortar mix products that can be used to repair old concrete, create pathways, secure fence posts and clothes hoists, and more.

Boral Cement

Boral Cement creates some of the highest quality bagged concrete products that are perfect for building and construction applications, including cement blends and dry mixes.

Dribond Level Floor Tuff

Dribond Level Floor Tuff is a cement-based and resin-modified levelling compound and repair screed. It’s a fast setting product that produces a hardwearing and chemical resistant surface that’s perfect for commercial and industrial workplaces.

Why Buy Bagged Cement from Newport Premix Concrete?

At Newport Premix Concrete & Garden Supplies, we pride ourselves on stocking only the very best bagged cement products for our customers. With a range of bagged concrete options available, you can also enjoy unparalleled choice, ensuring you’ll find what you need to suit any application.

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