Toppings / Road Base

Toppings & Road Base

At Newport Premix Concrete & Garden Supplies, we’re proud to offer a quality range of toppings and road base to meet all your needs. Whether you’re constructing a driveway, path or slab, you’ll find the best toppings and road base options within our range. Discover our available options today.

Types We Can Supply

Our range includes:

  • Tuscan topping − Provides a firm base when compacted with a vibrating plate. Made from a decorative rock with a brown earthy tone, it’s the perfect choice for driveways and paths.
  • Lilycan topping − Provides the hardest base of all gravels we stock when compacted with a vibrating plate. With a white / off white colour finish, it’s suitable for driveways and pathways.
  • Stone dust − A 5mm bluestone material that’s economical and low maintenance. Can be used under synthetic grass, as a decorative option for pathways, or as a base under concreting for driveways and slabs.
  • Crushed rock – 20 millimetre crushed stone, for construction aggregate and landscape uses. walkway, path, and driveway pavement

To learn more about our available types of toppings and road base, call our team today on (03) 9397 2233.

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