Truck Sizes

Concrete Truck Sizes

Truck Load capacity Height Width Concrete Chute Size
Mini Mix 0.4 Mt Min
2.6 Mt Max
3.5 Meters 2.4 Meters 3.0 Meters
Maxi Truck 2.8 Mt Min
6.0 Mt Max
3.5 Meters 2.6 Meters 3.9 Meters

Tipper Sizes

Truck Height Width Load capacity
2mt tipper 2.4 Meters 2.1 Meters 1/4 mt min
2mt max
2 products up to 2 meters total
3mt tipper 2.4 Meters 2.2 Meters 1/4 mt min
3mt max
2 products up to 3 meters total
8mt tipper 3.5 Meters 2.7 Meters 8mt max
1 product

Please note:

  • Body/Tray Width is for the tray of the truck to fit through an area only.
    All measurements include an extra 100mm clearance for safety purposes.
    All maximum load capacities have been based on our lightest stocked products.
    (Example: Mulches, Barks, Scoria and Soils)
  • If you have requested a particular truck from the table above due to special delivery requirements you may be asked to sign documentation that you will take full responsibility for any damages incurred on site.
  • Newport Premix Concrete and Garden Supplies will not deliver products over a footpath or vacant block unless an authorisation form has been signed on site, taking full responsibility of any further costs that may occur because of damages.
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