Black poly

Black Poly Film

Black poly film, also commonly known as builders plastic film, is a highly recommended product to use in construction projects, as it acts as a barrier against moisture. If moisture enters a concrete slab on the ground, it can cause the slab to warp and crack and therefore diminish the slab’s strength.

As a trusted supplier of high-quality black poly builders film products in Melbourne, Newport Premix Concrete & Garden Supplies can provide professional builders with the builders plastic film they need to fulfil their slab protection requirements. We can recommend a suitable size and type of black plastic builders film for your project and deliver it to your worksite on the same day, no matter where in Melbourne your worksite is located.

Black poly film is a high-quality, heavy-duty LDPE film that can be used in a variety of ways and also available in conveniently sized rolls. It’s made to conform with Australian / NZ Standards. Black poly builders film is incredibly strong, made to be completely puncture resistant, and can be covered and sealed by taping the joints with duct tape. Builders plastic film has a higher level of strength and impact resistance compared to standard films, making it highly recommended.

Reasons to Use Black Poly Film

The primary use for black poly film is as a moisture barrier and concrete underlay. It’s also ideal for providing temporary outdoor coverage, cover for plants, weather protection or screening areas when building.

  • Moisture barrier and concrete underlay
  • Heavy duty and multi-purpose
  • Temporary weather protection or screening areas when building
  • Temporary plant protection from birds or frost
  • Temporary outdoor coverage

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