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Whether you’re looking to landscape your backyard, improve the safety of a play area or enhance your garden, Newport Premix Concrete & Garden Supplies is a mulch supplier that can provide all the bark and garden mulch supplies you could need. We’re proud to offer a large range of bark and mulch in Melbourne and across Victoria, boasting over five types. Our range includes various decorative and natural mulches, including black bark mulch, tan bark mulch, red bark mulch and regular garden mulch for Melbourne gardens. Get in touch with our team to find out which of our garden mulch supplies will be best for your needs.

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Within our range of barks and mulch supplies, you’ll find the following:

Midnight Black Bark Mulch 20mm

Midnight black bark mulch is made out of recycled pine and hardwood pallets that are coloured with long-lasting vegetable dye, ensuring the black colour will stay intact for the long term. This type of mulch can be used for various applications, such as enhancing paved areas and complementing nearby plants. It’s safe to have around children, pets and plants.

Organic Bush Mulch

Organic bush mulch is a dark and aged type of mulch that can be used for various landscaping applications. The organic matter contained inside it can help to improve the rejuvenating properties of nearby soil, plus it’s suitable for areas that are steep or often windy.

Dyed Red Bark Mulch 20mm

Dyed red bark mulch is one of the most decorative and soil-enhancing garden mulch supplies on the market, able to be used with both garden beds and containers. The blend of compost and hardwood makes red bark mulch a long-lasting mulch product that maintains its colour while simultaneously stopping weeds from growing.

Blended Tan Bark Mulch 12-20mm

Blended tan bark mulch is a soft but hard-wearing type of mulch that’s highly recommended for garden beds and around footpaths. Its dark brown colour helps to make the bright colours of plants and flowers to stand out more.

Softfall Playground Mulch

Ideal for playgrounds in parks, schools and kindergartens, softfall playground mulch provides a high level of impact absorption for when children fall onto the ground while playing. This lightweight type of mulch is commonly placed underneath playground equipment.

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